Work Safety Regulations

Most folks would rather endure a root canal procedure than attend a safety meeting. And that's perfectly fine, as long as you are confident that you know all there is to know about doing a job safely. Admittedly, most safety meetings are mind-numbingly boring. That's largely the fault of the safety community. We need to change that failing. Safety is boring, unless and until, of course, you're sitting in the ER waiting room. Now THAT can be the definition of boring. By the way, those ridiculous…

Focus On The Benjamins

As an engineer, I am very analytical and linear in my thought process. This is natural and almost expected as I deal with equations following specific procedures to arrive at design solutions. After all, there is no gray in engineering - it is either black or white. I refer to this thought process as counting pennies - that is examining every detail down to the smallest one to make sure everything is accounted. Because of my ethical obligations to protect the public with my designs, I, as an…

Retaining Walls

There are several different types of retaining walls available today. From rigid concrete cantilever walls to small block (modular) retaining walls. The analysis for retaining walls can vary but the overall safety factors remain the same. Retaining walls aren't necessarily best suited for all cases. For instance, if there is a site which is being developed as a fill site, where it needs to be built up, the best option is to build an MSE (Mechanically Stabilized Earth) wall as these types of…






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